Already Fall for There

In spring a few years ago, I stayed for a few weeks in Taipei, Taiwan. Visiting the country, I fell in love with it right away with kind people everywhere. Most people did not speak English, but it was ok to travel alone. At first, I took a taxi tour with a tour guide to visit the best travel places. It is highly recommended for a quick and brief trip for somewhat.

What I liked the most about this country was the food. It was so cheep and delicious! Later I found Taiwan is a quite popular spot for food tour to tourists. I only paid around five dollars for Americans brunch with hash brown potato, bacon, and scramble eggs including orange juice. The quality was also perfect. There were tons of meals like this!

I had tried to visit many places as much as I could but it was hard because of my painful feet and thigh by a long walk. I had to take a foot massage at the shop to relax my muscles every night and it was the small luxury that I could try.

Though, visiting the city gallery and Taiwan National University was the good memory for me to remind. I didn’t expect much for the city gallery tour but the exhibition was quite exotic and good quality with various art works.

The best moment was at the university. Luckily, the spring festival was holding on the campus and I could have felt the youth and vital mood. Someone said, ‘If you want to feel the level of local culture, visit the university there’. Like it said, it is the main hub of community which spreads culture and trends.

Taiwan is the country I would definitely like to visit it again if I have the chance.


The Second Hometown

I’ve only stayed in Canada for a few years but it feels like over ten years. So many things happened there and everyday was a series of incidents.

It happens when you are in a strange place. All things turn into fresh and new stories while those are dull and familiar in your hometown.

Anyway it was the first time for me to stay in a foreign country and it was also the first country I’ve known it in and out except language. Learning English isn’t never easy for me(especially articles).

I feel lucky I could get to know this country well while there are tons of others. The social system is great to learn. People are usually kind and have a mild temper. The nature is huge, fresh, and beautiful. Nobody hardly hurts you unless you are dishonest and corrupted.

People call it as the boring heaven on this earth. Just be aware of depression if you go there. Short period of sunshine might affect on your mental health. Then it could be out of your control.