Practical Diet

Terms for Healthy Diet

There are some terminology you should know for your diet.

Carbohydrate. As a grown up, you don’t need much of this nutrient unless you do lots of physical labor. I recommend it to reduce by 1/3 of your daily regular consumption. If you feel too hard to quit it, you may have addiction to carbs. It makes you feel good for awhile so you crave for it more but extra carbs is transferred to fat later. Do it slowly to reduce then you won’t seek it for that long. High blood sugar is the main reason of diabetes.

Omega Oil 3. Fish oil needs for your heathy brain function, bone, skin, and hair. It is hard to take all from food everyday. Take the vitamine after full meal.

HDL Cholesterol. If you have a medical checkups, there will be HDL quote in the section. It comes from vegetable protein and low quote is not good for your body that you are not taking enough healthy protein from food.

LDL Cholesterol. If this quote is high, you might have a trouble with your blood circulation as taking too greasy fat like meat or instant food. With weak blood circulation, you feel faint often and leg crams during sleep.

Saturated Fat. It remains on your blood vessel for a long time and causes the obesity by low blood circulation. It is not natural but artificial fat during processing at the factory. Don’t take it over 10%.

Transmitted Fat. Like Saturated fat, most produced food, snacks contain this. It causes thick(not clean) blood and disturbs your digest. It may be the reason you gain weight even though you don’t intake much meal. Choose under 10% if you have to take it.

Olive oil. Throw away your vegetable oil from your kitchen and put this near your hand. Use it to cook and fry food with medium heat. Include it in salad as well with vinegar and it can be a good sauce as it is.

Sea Salt. You need to consume good quality of salt, not too much but right amount of mineral that your body can’t create itself. Otherwise, you might feel joint inflammation on your knee or other parts. The required amount is small but it is essential to your body. Avoid regular grocery salt. It isn’t any good but only harmful for your body.

Vitamine D. If you can’t take it enough a day from sunlight because you usually stay inside or office, you will suffer with insomnia at night. It is also effective with skin trouble like eczema and your mood in winter time. Take 500~1000mg a day 30min before going to bed.

Vitamine C. If you feel dizzy often, it may be lack of this and you don’t take it enough from food. Actually it’s hard to take all from food. Take 1000mg a day at least in the morning before meal.

Practical Diet

Keeping on A Diet

Doing on a diet gives you some positive benefits by doing so. If it is only painful, you will give up soon whatever it is.

1. You know better about food, nutrient, kcal and your body. Once knowing what you have for your body and how it affects on it, you won’t take poison food because you care about you. Before diet, I had eaten food without any ‘consciousness’. When I felt for something, I had it until I couldn’t take it anymore day and night. If I felt stress, I did it more. If I was in a happy mood, I also did it anyway. I didn’t know and didn’t care about food and my body whatever I had. Now I check the nutrition facts first if it contains artificial flavor or harmful ingredients.

2. Managing the food and your body, you feel better physically and emotionally. Your blood sugar will increase dramatically and get exhausted for awhile when you have much instant food such as pizza, chicken, or greasy food. Your body prefers organic, fresh, natural food such as fruits and vegetables which won’t make your body too tired to digest. Losing weight, you will feel a lot lighter by yourself. Once I gained 10kg in 2months and I couldn’t sit straight properly for awhile as my waist severely ached and the bone couldn’t stand the sudden weight increasing in such a short time.

3. Being confident yourself. There is a funny saying that ‘Do not mingle with one who ever quit smoking or did on a diet because it shows how the one could be an evil.’ It means that doing on a diet is quite hard like getting out of addiction. You need to trace and monitor the food you consume, weight, and your whole life style at least for 6~12months. It needs some efforts, patience, and determination to succeed. When was the last time you have ever felt good about yourself? Once you have done, you will get confidence that you can control your body, life, and mental.

Practical Diet


I have got through many times of diets experiencing yo-yo (bouncing back), low stamina, loss of muscle and energy, weak immune system, and mood swing because of that.

First, I tried on a diet to strengthen my energy because I couldn’t do anything properly without any muscle on my body. I easily felt faint and denied most physical activities. The maximum outdoor activity time was 5-6 hours a day then I just felt tired and wanted to go home. To change this, I registered for gym and worked out for awhile. Then I quit after couple of months (including some skipping times) as most people do. After that I started to gain weight even though I haven’t consumed much food. I have to tell you that…

Do not ever quit your exercise once you started OR do not ever start it from the beginning unless you keep going!

Since then, my whole struggles for diet has been on going. Whatever I eat, it becomes my weight, flesh, and my belly. In the beginning, I mostly did on a diet to lose weight to fit into the social standards as commercials show everywhere. Now I do on a diet to ‘Survive’. I have experienced serious health issues by gaining weight and it had got worse by ‘Losing’ and ‘Gaining’ on and on.

I did not expect the diet would be the huge issue of my life but now it became part of it. I often get paranoid after having high kcal food as it reminds me the miserable diet memory. Losing weight was not a big deal for me but keeping it was painful as temptations are all around. I am not a diligent person who cooks organic nutricient food day and night. Though I have obtained some tips that I could adopt as the lazy one.

Hope it is simple, practical, and efficient to you as well.