You Are The Cause for All

HISTORY. The Rise of Evil : The Time of Hitler

The Series of [ What Do You See? ]

Holocaust : The Cause and Effect of Distorted Cognitive Reception

There is a documentary of Hitler, The Rise of Evil(2003). It explains well how Hitler had been created and well been thrived in the time of chaos for a while.

Learning history, most people are stunned with the fact that Hitler was chosen by people’s vote and the Germans agreed with and joined the mass massacre killing millions of Jewish people. How did that happen? How was it even possible? It could be a lesson to take a look as it still continues from time to time.

Distorted Cognitive Belief ; We Are Superior

German was struggling with many social crisis in the time of Hitler. The unemployment rate was high, economy and poverty index was severe, and most of all, they felt themselves as the second class citizens, inferior, compare to other countries in Europe.

Then Hitler, apparently a passionate patriot, showed up and started saying how the Germans had been superior and need to gain the power back like his ancestors in primitive times. Hitler was charismatic and his speech was powerful to hit people’s mind. He did not only know how to stimulate people’s inferiority and encourage their desire for superiority but also delivered it well using his speech and propaganda skills.

We Were Once Strong And Can Be Strong Again

Your own dream may be doubtful and difficult to achieve but it seems to be possible in a group of peers cheering each other. The Germans were in group hypnosis status mentally while they were killing millions of people to make their ideal country.

When your ideal identity or standard and the reality do not match, you feel a depression. Hitler was the cure for their low self esteem. They could forget their complex during the massacre like taking drugs. They took Hitler as their drug. Now German education emphasizes on critical thinking so that they would not make a same mistake leading to a faulted leader without consciousness only because he or she is attractive or speaks a bit emotionally or dramatically.

Disillusive Cognitive Belief ; It Is All because of Them

Then why was Hitler disgusted by Jewish and wanted to clear the ethnic? Jewish people were suffering with stigmas for a long time and discrimination was not a story for yesterday. There are many rumors Hitler hated them because they killed Jesus or Hitler was actually Jewish and wanted to hide his identity. Nobody actually knows what really drove his mentality crazy. People just assume it. The thing is that the Germans agreed with his idea that Jewish must be extinct.

It Is Different, Inferior, And Messy So It Doesn’t Belong with Us

When you set a soft target, it makes everything easier. The reason you don’t have a decent job is because of too many stingy immigrated jewish. The situation you are poor is due to wealthy, greedy Jewish… You could make millions of reasons whatever you want because humans could be very creative, especially bullying others. It may not really solve any problems but at least it gives you a mental peace as nothing is your fault.

These tactics have been used quite often through history. The Middle ages churches killed countless witches. Dictators and demagogue politicians constantly have eliminated their opponents or opponent ethnics through wars. First, they distort people’s image towards certain class, people, minority, or anything to attack. Then they encourage people to arouse anger and resentment hidden in their unconsciousness.

It works best if the social and political situation are messy as people don’t even have enough time to ‘Think’ properly. The targets could be variant as the time changes but the strategies appear with similar patterns by different figures.