What Do You See?


It all looks different as how you see…

The Relations between Cognitive Ability & Depression

How Cognitive Reception and Social Condition Affect on Depression?

Did you have a perfect childhood with perfect family, parents, friends and beautiful memories? You may or may not. Though there is one common thing in your childhood. You never had a depression when you were a kid. I have a simple memory with this.

My mom used to struggle with a headache due to her sensitive nerves. After a long nap, she used to say ‘I couldn’t sleep for a wink’ or ‘My headache hasn’t got any better because of stress even though I took a nap’. Now I assume she may have had a depression according to her constant nap for a long time. She tried to get help by her short break, nap but it didn’t work out with some reason. On the other hand, I couldn’t get the idea of ‘stress’ or a ‘headache’ as a child. I tried to think hard what kind of those things are and somewhat I even wished to have those things as they looked somewhat fancy to me.

A human struggling with mental issues sounded fancy to a kid only playing with dust and toy on the ground. Although I tried to suffer(?) myself mentally, my brain wasn’t sick because of ‘stress’ or felt something different with a ‘headache’ but rather felt ‘nothing’. It didn’t mean I had a perfect childhood for sure. I felt huge pressure because my parents didn’t allow me to read any comics and scolded me whenever I read them. Also I dearly wanted to have a cat but couldn’t or they didn’t last long with me and I dealt with huge feeling of ‘losing’ and ‘missing’. Still my brain was fine with naive thoughts, not being aware of what was going on around me.

Then as grown up, I notice myself constantly missing my childhood which was far away with being perfect. I have realized that it is not I miss the incidents in my childhood but miss the innocent, clean ‘brain’ without stress nor a headache which could cause a depression. Lots of shits are happening now and then no matter what and it is part of life. Nobody’s life is perfect.

A family is happy with full of affection in poor condition. A family never gets satisfaction with full of things. A person deals positively towards a hardship. A person never gets out of depression in a maze. Same thing happens to A and B but how they recognize and accept the incident is a total different story.

Your brain does amazing or crazy things as how they see the outside world. It’s all the matter of how they recognize things around them. For example, falling in religion is somewhat like brain in a state of ‘maniac’. If you don’t agree with this, look at the world history which is the series of wars by religion. It is not possible to explain unless they were in the ‘abnormal’ mental state. Of course this could be the extreme case.

I also sometimes pray or rely on religion but mostly what I do is to try hard not to be like that ‘going crazy’. Though it could be the better remedy than any other drug or medicine if you are dealing with a depression. Just remember you do not force or harm anyone by your religion.

All the religious places may need this warning sign on their entrances

For another case, what about a mom who could lift a truck to save her own kid? What is going on in their brain and how does it make possible to happen whether it is crazy or amazing? How does your brain – exactly saying, cognitive reception – make you feel and act?

Here is more example for your better understanding how to perceive things with cognitive reception. You smile at and give a same compliment to A and B. A couldn’t have a good sleep last night and extremely tired of that. A thinks you smile too often and somewhat silly. A feels more terrible not only A lacks of sleep but A also thinks you are stupid and silly. A hopes you behave better recognizing there are some people who don’t feel ok as much as you are so that you could be more sensitive with environment and people around you. Now A feels worse because A knows you have no idea what just A thinks and you will be happy tomorrow anyway. A feels neglected by you and now feels the worst.

On the other hand, B thinks you are always kind and positive and B wonders how it is possible. B wishes to be more energetic and courageous like you but B couldn’t sleep well last night and feels low without enough sleep. B envies that you must have a good sleep or have a good thing happened to you like a promotion in work or are planning a wonderful holiday.

Now I’d like to ask you what have happened to you really. Were you ignorant of not being aware enough of people who feel down or did you really have a good sleep so that you were happy enough to be polite? May or may not. Though I guarantee that you just did it simply because you thought it’s a social etiquette and norm to do so.

Maybe you didn’t even want to greet nor give a compliment as one is always grumpy and the other one is not important to say ‘hi’ because B won’t be offended anyway. But you did it anyway, why? It’s because it’s safer to be nicer rather than not to be in society.

Then the reaction from someone by your simple gesture is total different even though you didn’t mean anything. What does distinguish them? It is how they recognize a thing differently.