Practical Diet

Keeping on A Diet

Doing on a diet gives you some positive benefits by doing so. If it is only painful, you will give up soon whatever it is.

1. You know better about food, nutrient, kcal and your body. Once knowing what you have for your body and how it affects on it, you won’t take poison food because you care about you. Before diet, I had eaten food without any ‘consciousness’. When I felt for something, I had it until I couldn’t take it anymore day and night. If I felt stress, I did it more. If I was in a happy mood, I also did it anyway. I didn’t know and didn’t care about food and my body whatever I had. Now I check the nutrition facts first if it contains artificial flavor or harmful ingredients.

2. Managing the food and your body, you feel better physically and emotionally. Your blood sugar will increase dramatically and get exhausted for awhile when you have much instant food such as pizza, chicken, or greasy food. Your body prefers organic, fresh, natural food such as fruits and vegetables which won’t make your body too tired to digest. Losing weight, you will feel a lot lighter by yourself. Once I gained 10kg in 2months and I couldn’t sit straight properly for awhile as my waist severely ached and the bone couldn’t stand the sudden weight increasing in such a short time.

3. Being confident yourself. There is a funny saying that ‘Do not mingle with one who ever quit smoking or did on a diet because it shows how the one could be an evil.’ It means that doing on a diet is quite hard like getting out of addiction. You need to trace and monitor the food you consume, weight, and your whole life style at least for 6~12months. It needs some efforts, patience, and determination to succeed. When was the last time you have ever felt good about yourself? Once you have done, you will get confidence that you can control your body, life, and mental.