How To Kill Time

Why Is It Important to Endure Boredom?

Have you ever felt bored?

Have you ever felt stressed by the boredom?

Have you ever been in loneliness because of that?

You watch Youtube or reading a book but you still feel dull. So you go to the politics but you only ruin the country. You meet someone but only get more bored. You go to the gym but it only hurts your back. You do the business but only end up in debts. Does it sound familiar?

There are some people do stupid things because they can’t stand their boredom. A banker, Ted Conrad, stole more than 1.7million dollars (equivalent in 2021) from his workplace and ran away without a trace. It was revealed 52 years later after he already died with fake ID by lung cancer. His motive of the robbery was simply ‘boredom’.

Enduring boredom is not only a life survival skill but it also could save the country and the world peace. I have struggled quite a lot to overcome the boredom, sometimes just wasting time or doing silly things. I’m still trying to develop the skills for the world peace.