Practical Diet


I have got through many times of diets experiencing yo-yo (bouncing back), low stamina, loss of muscle and energy, weak immune system, and mood swing because of that.

First, I tried on a diet to strengthen my energy because I couldn’t do anything properly without any muscle on my body. I easily felt faint and denied most physical activities. The maximum outdoor activity time was 5-6 hours a day then I just felt tired and wanted to go home. To change this, I registered for gym and worked out for awhile. Then I quit after couple of months (including some skipping times) as most people do. After that I started to gain weight even though I haven’t consumed much food. I have to tell you that…

Do not ever quit your exercise once you started OR do not ever start it from the beginning unless you keep going!

Since then, my whole struggles for diet has been on going. Whatever I eat, it becomes my weight, flesh, and my belly. In the beginning, I mostly did on a diet to lose weight to fit into the social standards as commercials show everywhere. Now I do on a diet to ‘Survive’. I have experienced serious health issues by gaining weight and it had got worse by ‘Losing’ and ‘Gaining’ on and on.

I did not expect the diet would be the huge issue of my life but now it became part of it. I often get paranoid after having high kcal food as it reminds me the miserable diet memory. Losing weight was not a big deal for me but keeping it was painful as temptations are all around. I am not a diligent person who cooks organic nutricient food day and night. Though I have obtained some tips that I could adopt as the lazy one.

Hope it is simple, practical, and efficient to you as well.