Cultivating A Little Brat

Looking at kids, I often feel complexed feelings. There are some sayings about children. “A child is a mirror of an adult”. “A child is shaped as what and how parents teach and educate”…and so on. One also said, “Do not expect children to be innocent and pure but look at them how much they act nasty and cruel like little brats. You would see all kinds of dirty and messy scenes from their playing like grown ups”. I often notice that honestly.

Once they are so cute and lovely but I also find out the real basic instincts from their acts as a human. Sometimes I am confused what is the difference between humans and animals whenever I see their uncultivated real faces. An adult is obviously a cultivated figure through lots of socializing and training for a long time. The difference is that adults know how to express their hidden desire wrapped with sophisticated manner and masks not to be blamed by others while children reveal it wide open without any shame, guilty feeling, or hesitation.

A child before cultivation does not know about right and wrong or good and bad. He or she totally follows their instincts and does whatever they want. Adults could call them rude and spoiled but they are just honest with their true feelings as they do not have any filters in their brain and followed actions by that. Actually cultivating a human is also mostly about inserting lots of customs and taboos that a society has built. Who could guarantee the society trains and educates children right as it is changed and all different by time and places in every country?

Children often ask me why they should not do certain acts or saying but mostly I also do not know the answer clearly but happen to force them to follow my order because it could be out of control in my guess. Losing control is the worst situation I could imagine around me.

Reminding my childhood, I just feel amazed how they could be so free and liberal to talk whatever they want as I could have just kept silence afraid of disciplines from teachers and parents. I think they know too much information from Youtube and internet these days.

Yet, kids could be very vulnerable to be exposed to violence and abusing as they are not fully capable to express their thoughts and recognize what is going on around them. Thus adults have obligations to protect them enough from harmful environments because certain incidents might affect on their whole life and mental health.

Though it is also true that lots of bullying or abusing things are conducted under the name of principles or disciplines as some news shows. I often hear that some parents teach their kids using sticks or physical punishment if it is needed. Also kids say some teachers often hit part of their body to train them and their parents are acceptable with that. This makes me very uncomfortable and assume that it would be far away for kids to have their proper rights as a kid in some countries.

Honestly, I also feel hard to control my emotion when a lousy kid acts rude and impulsive. It is always a huge challenge for me to talk to them without losing temper and patience in certain situations. Regardless, adults should be acknowledged with the limit of disciplines what to do or not to do. Otherwise, it only gives a bad influence on children and it can not be the ‘Education’ anymore.