Recently, I am very interested in minimalism. The thought came out when I looked into my closet which was full of clothes but I still could not have enough of it every in the morning although I bought it once in a while. You have it enough and buy it enough but you still don’t have it enough. I don’t know what this really means.

As I had clean the stuffs in my space, it seemed like the endless closure. I had sold, shared and thrown things away but another thing constantly came out again and again from somewhere. I could see my infinite desire and obsession clearly through those materials. The products I bought whenever I had felt emptiness and vagueness and tried to fulfill it with things but could not succeed after all.

This time, I have determined myself I would not make same mistakes and be very cautious to set up my space again. Then it is another joy and needs some creativity not to fill it with some clumsy garbages. First, I would empty my bedroom with nothing but only bed blankets. Next, I have no idea yet what to do with a living room area though because I also not get used to the too empty place. I feel nervous and strong gut to fill the area with things. I searched on some You tube channels about minimalism styled living rooms but it still seems with overly items. As I could move to another place, I do not want to struggle again with heavy moving stuffs. I would not possess a thing if it is a burden to remove.

Do I need to spread some rug sheets on the floor and leave it as it is as an exercising or meditation spot? Or do I need a comfortable desk and chairs for reading or dinner space at least? I may need that small luxury in that case. A comfortable couch is definitely tempting but I used to feel stress with the huge space consumption of it so must skip for that. I would definitely not buy a TV this time for sure. Or I may need the screen on the wall to watch You tube or internet vods. It could be wonderful if it is a bit big like a small home theater.

Buying an old camping car and fixing it is the best option but I don’t know how to drive and fix it so it would be better delay as the next project. Until then I may need a small truck to come and go. It is hard not to drive as I am almost a blind in direction. I mostly take a walk over an hour and turn around a whole town for five minutes destination.

For cooking stuffs, I only need a stainless pan and a small cattle. I would not buy tons of sources and plates as it always bugged my nerves whenever I had opened the shelves before. The kitchen was the last place I gave up to tidy up so another person did it instead of me when I moved in and out. It would not happen again this time. I would rather choose to eat out if I have to buy stuffs for cooking.

Nevertheless, I would may need a small electronic cooking pot which could make tons of dishes with a few buttons and it seems real practical. Other than that I would not buy anything really. My seven boxes have not arrived yet from the old place so I would consider to buy anything after that if I really need things.