The Diet after Having

Nowadays, I am trying to do on a diet using certain diet products. For the diet, a person should not have any meal but only the package of it in a mug cup for one time bite.

It is surely ridiculous human eat overly then try harder to lose it with lots of cost (I do not pay it though as I got it for free). Skipping the feed, it gives me awkward feeling and boredom. I have had something to do at least during the snacks. Then I have to do something else to furfill the time.

I have realized how long I have been consuming my daily routine with meal to forget the boredom with no reason. I often ask people to have lunch or dinner together when I am bored but not hungry. I go grocery shopping to buy food but rarely cook. I order delivery food or eat out whenever I need some fresh change. I constantly search for something to bite. I was obsessed with food to get out of the boredom.

Then I do not know what to do for the extra time without food by this diet. It feels like I have lost the enormous pleasure of my life. Of course, I enjoy things for hobby but still have lots of time to fill in. It does not mean I want to work out hard, try sweating on my body or torture my brain with heavy tasks.

I miss the time I was so captured with something else that I almost forgot to have nutrients only focusing on it. Skipping meal was typical as having food seemed to be waste of time when I was on the state. Currently I feel a bit nervous with the gap what to do instead of eating.

I have always sought for activity or productivity such as movies, art, work out, and so on. I had no idea food was one of them since I have seen that is a natural cycle on a daily basis.