Basic Income

I have heard basic income was tested for a half year in Finland, Europe which is already well known as a social welfare country. The test did not affect on job increase much but people, especially seniors, had felt much better happiness with basic income since they could share some with their family or grandchildren.

I think the result gives something to think. It is why people need a better and stronger social security net. People do not ask minimum wage because they are lazy or do not want to work long. It is necessary and essential for humans to keep their modest and decent lives.

In this case, the minimum wage can not be the enough answer. The society needs to prepare for the basic income as capitalism gets stronger. Only one percent of wealth takes 60~80% of all money while others starve under poverty.

The middle class should feel safe and relax with their appropriate income but they do not as they are busy paying for high rent fee, car, and education fee. Rare percent of super rich agrees with this idea as they strengthen on diligence and aggressive competition in Capitalism.

There are various kinds of people in this world. A wants to work hard while B enjoys relax schedule. A does not work only for money and B does not enjoy slow cycle by simple laziness. They just do it because it suits their traits and it is time the society accepts the different life and value styles rather than tag on them as a miser or a loser.

In the future, machines will replace humans little by little(it may have been already started) and people still need to keep their life without heavy labor. Robots should exist to make humans’ life more convenient and comfortable. Otherwise it just takes man’s job and accelerates the inequality of wealth.