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Book Review_Death of A Salesman

The Endless Pain of Life

First edition cover (Viking Press)

It’s about a diligent father who had worked for his family for 30yrs. At the end, he ended his life on purpose by a car accident for an insurance compensation for his left family.

At first, I had bought it for English study but forgot to read it. Then later, I stayed in the dormitory room at a resort to do some part time job in winter. There was nothing to do at night as the place was far away from downtown. So I read it for couple of days to kill some time. 

Before reading this, honestly I didn’t know nor fully understand about employees or fathers’ life. This book isn’t about family’s fancy warmth nor love which TV drama describes.

It’s more about reality which is tragic and pathetic how fathers survive and sacrifice their daily lives for family. I think it’s not only about fathers but all the workers have to work and earn money for a living.

Somewhat, it’s endless pain of life for humans unless they stop breathing. I hadn’t liked my stubborn, conservative father much but thought of him a bit differently after this book.