Chips & Toon – Animation Studio in Singapore

Director Darran Kuah

Chips And Toon Pte Ltd

Office: (65) 6386 8653
Mobile: (65) 9660 5490


I’m doing things that I enjoy and hence do not really need much motivation…


Chips and Toon ( no ’S’ for Toon )  is a 2D animation studio. We do develop and produce animation for TV, Shorts and Commercial. In additional to providing animation services to our client, we develop original content as well.


I love drawing, comic book and watching animation. I have been drawing since young till my teenage years. As doing Arts is not a mainstream career in Singapore, I worked in the Infocom industry for almost a decade before I decided to pursue my dream of doing animation.


Drawing foundation e.g. life drawing, still live drawing etc and understanding of traditional animation principles.


I’m doing things that I enjoy and hence do not really need much motivation. But seeing how far we have progress over the years motivates me to go further.


I spent 2 years in Canada learning classical animation. I returned back to Singapore in 2016 and I worked as a freelance animator for a few months on a pilot animation.  Together with another artist, we completed the 3 x 3 minutes episodes, doing everything from Storyboard to animation. Upon completion of the project, I did a couple of more freelance projects before the first company came back to us, telling us that he has received good response from the pilot animation that we have produced for him and he has decided to produce more episodes. By then, we have decided to set up a studio to work on this project. We started with all the animators work from home and we will have a weekly review at a MacDonald outlet.  It was only after a few months that I rented a small office get everyone to work more closer together.


I run the business and manage the operation. Occasionally I will be involved in the the creative and development process.


I would consider myself as both an artist and marketing person. While we strike to produce good story and animation, I have to manage my client and artist’s expectation. Coming from a Marketing background, I am customer-driven but with animation production experience, I can understand the challenges my artists faced and I will try my best to balance between to two.


We have a small team in Singapore plus some artists over in Philippines and Malaysia.


When we first started, we did not have regular clients and hence no regular income.  My priority is alway to pay my artists first and hence I have irregular or without pay for over more than a year.


Recognition of our work from our clients. Our first original IP: Stoneboy was acquired by Nickelodeon Asia back in 2010.  I had no idea that this content that I have created can be shown on TV till I met up with them to discuss on other services stuff. Five years later, our new original concept: Sharkdog was selected by Nickelodeon US under Nickelodeon International shorts program.


Singapore Media Department IMDA supports new animation projects if you are able to meet their criteria. IMDA or WDA also support training of new artists for fresh grad.


As a small nation, we do have our own audiences and supporter for animation.  However for an Animation industry to grow, it must be supported by Government, Broadcasters / Digital Content providers and right amount of audiences.


The main difference is our size. A small nation will have less audience and broadcasters will have less budget to invest in Animation. We do not have the right infrastructure to support the industry. For example, in some countries, it is possible for an animation project to gain access to funds via Free to Air, Cable, Satellite, Web, Mobile, various government and arts related agency and finally the tax credits rebates.   

For us, we have only the media development authority or the main broadcaster to support the project. In most cases, we are only able to access a single source of support.

Broadcasters and content providers in Singapore have to look outside Singapore for ROI else the budget that they are going to invest in Animation project will be limited.


To create a successful film that young audiences worldwide are able to connect and relate to.


Take your time to create your best work and show it to the world.

Broadcasters and content providers in Singapore have to look outside Singapore for ROI else the budget that they are going to invest in Animation project will be limited.